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Joe Surace

Born and raised in beautiful upstate New York, my first traveling experience was cross country with my parents from New York to California while my sister and I were still in diapers. Even though I was very young, I still carry fond memories of that trip, as well as a sense of wanderlust.

My love for people and travel have sent me all across America, Canada, China and many countries around the world as an adult.

It made perfect sense to pursue a career in the travel industry. I knew I wanted to help others make priceless memories with the least amount of worry.

My goal as a travel advisor is to take on the stress of traveling, so my clients can focus on a personalized getaway, vacation or cruise without having to worry about all the bookings, itineraries, forms and activities.  

 There is nothing more memorable or as priceless than seeing a sunset made just for you in an exotic or breathtaking place from every angle around the world. Except sharing it with that special someone.

 I work with vendors and suppliers from around the world to bring you safe and personalized packages, destinations and cruise options as well as the most memorable vacations and getaways at the best possible prices.

I am consistently updated on Covid 19 protocols for travel and promise to keep you updated on the latest precautions.

I look forward to helping you customize and personalize the getaway of your dreams. 

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